All you need to know about World Beach Games in San Diego 2019!

Posted by Julia Chubarova / 25.01.2019

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When and where: World Beach Games will take place on the Mission Beach in San Diego, California, USA 10 - 14 October 2019. But the beach tennis event will occur 10 - 13 October 2019.


What: 17 kinds of sport are taken part in the competition:

• Aquathlon
• Basketball 3X3
• Cycling BMX
• Bouldering
• Beach Handball
• Karate – Individual Kata
• Kitefoil Racing
• Skateboarding
• Beach Soccer
• Surfing – Shortboard & Longboard
• Swimming – Open Water 5km
• Beach Tennis
• Beach Volleyball 4x4
• Waterskiing – Waterski Jump & Wakeboard
• Beach Wrestling


Entry Deadline: for all kinds of sport is 15 July 2019


Hospitality: Flight tickets (only to and from San Diego or Tijuana airport) + hotel room (2 people in a room) + 3 meals per day will be paid to all the participants by the organization.

The Hospitality will be provided by hotels via 8,5 km distance from site.


Draw sizes: 16 teams in Men and Women double draws. 11 teams receive the direct acceptance based on the ITF world ranking 24 June 2019 + there are 5 places for teams - representors of each continent. If players from particular continent are already in the list of first 11 teams than this place will be given to the next team in alternatives.

For Mixed draw the rules are same, but the draw will contain 24 teams.


Maximum players from 1 country: 8 (2 women teams / 2 men teams). Only players from same nation can perform together.


How to sign-up for tournament:

24 June 2019 ITF will publish the New Ranking.

25 June - 1 July each country has to submit their players nominations for the Beach Games (2 + 2 Doubles + 2 Mixed) based on the ranking.

3 July ITF informs national federations about how many places they got in the tournament.

15 July - official Entry Deadline.


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