Beach Tennis: Great Sport to Make Friends

If you're interested in making friends, Beach Tennis is your sport.  However, if you like competing, don’t worry Beach Tennis is also for you!

The fact is that this sport has more social involvement than any other racquet sport.  In this post I want to tell you why I think this is the ideal sport to make new friends and even fortify your business network

Beach Tennis an opportunity to make friends:

Networking is an English word that indicates the ability to establish a network of contacts or a connection with something or someone. Perfect for Beach Tennis since one of the great advantages of this sport is the social capacity of gathering people together around the beach, sand and close to the water.   Check it, anywhere you look, there is several people around a beach tennis court often called Beach Tennis arena.

I started playing Beach Tennis because I had an injury in my hip that prevents me from playing tennis competitive in 2014. Soon I realized that I was in the same "footprint" of tennis: I did not want to lose and I wanted to be professional Beach Tennis player. Soon, good senses kicked in:   "Why be a professional at my age?  Why fight to be number 1 again and lose the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the game?”  If you ever competed to be number 1 you probably know what I am taking about. I have another post that talks about why you should compete or not?  (in Portuguese)

From that day on, I radically changed my posture. I spent more time enjoying the social part of the game, getting to know my students and the game, and taking care of my body.  I can say that it is much better this way. Less stress, less tournaments, more fun and I still practice and try to improve but value more my students, practice and network and friends in the game and not spending days on ice to heal the body.

Beach Tennis is a very social sport if you take into account that: 

• You are barefoot in the sand and wearing comfortable clothes! In case you are at the beach, glimpse the landscape of the sea and the sky. Between matches, a dive in the water.   Be grateful. Enjoy!

• Unlike Tennis and other sports, that require silence, Beach Tennis is played with music. Bring your own pen drive and have fun with your favorite songs and your mobile phone you’re your music box.

• Beach Tennis is easily leveled since most of the matches are doubles.  Basically, you can play with everyone and have a good doubles match. Split the team as fairly as possible:  example a more experienced player and one more novice may work and can result in a good game contrary to tennis that would not work.   Furthermore, as in tennis, I believe you can learn a lot by playing with people of all levels. Enjoy and train your technique, patience and strategy.

• The laid-back atmosphere of the beach, sand, music, and more people involved in the Beach Tennis points, favors conversations on subjects other than Beach Tennis. Maybe you cannot find a partner or client or job on the court?

• It is a growing sport.  Beach Tennis points are all over Brazil, Italy and soon all over other countries also.

Suggestions on how to better enjoy the game

• Find your point, the one you identify with.   If you are a world traveler, them make it a point to play at different locations when you travel, on vacations and at tournaments.  Of course, there are exclusivists but ignore it and find the cool people to play with. You just need to find one more to play singles or 3 more to play doubles to play!

• Keep that in mind when you are at new point: Follow the rules. Listen twice more than speak.  Remember, you are there to make friends not to prove a point or tell them how they should to organize their point.  The goal is to meet people and play Beach Tennis.

• Bring something to eat and drink and offer to people. Kindness generates kindness.

• Help who is getting started. Suggest to the person to take a class if that is the case but be careful not to over instruct.    Less is better most of the time. At giving instructions specially to someone that perhaps do not want it.

• Again, remember you are there to have fun, play and make friends. You're not just there to win and people will not like you any more if you win.  If your goal is to to win, go play tournaments.

• If for some reason, if you do not find a Beach Tennis point, you do not identify with, consider starting one yourself. It is not that expensive and you can bring your own friends.


In Conclusion, Beach Tennis is fun and you can make new friends at the game.  Be careful with the trap of “winning at all cost.

It's possible to have a lot of fun and meet lots of cool people at Beach Tennis, even if you do not compete or if you are not the best at it.

The game encourages interaction, relaxed atmosphere, music so focus on this and less on results.    The sand is therapeutically and healthy that is excellent also Make friends!

Good games, and enjoy it and go make new friends TODAY!

Translated from my post at  Beach Tennis Online: