Zone A

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Finland

Zone B

Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia

Zone C


Zone D

USA, Canada, Puerto Rico


The junior zone tour is a step towards the creation of an international beach tennis junior tour. The creation of a zonal tournament system and classification will help to raise the level of national tournaments in each of the countries and to encourage children and juniors to play international tournaments inside the zone.

What is a "zone"?

This is a list of countries defined by territorial features, where beach tennis tournaments for children and juniors are held. In each such zone exists an its own ranking and tournament calendar. Where mentioned all the players and international zone tournaments, that are taking place on the territory of these countries.

Why not just create an international tour?

The development of children's beach tennis in different regions is at completely different levels. The creation of the zonal stage is able to motivate countries and players to compete with each other before reaching the world level. With the appearance of more than 5 zones in the system with a stable calendar and active participants of the tournaments, a full calendar of international tournaments will be formed.

Can a player from one zone participate in tournaments of another zone?

Yes, but the points will be count in the classification of the zone where the tournament was held.

How to create your own zone?

Each new zone will be created after the request of tournament organizers from at least two neighboring countries.