How much you can earn in Beach tennis? Statistics + comparison to padel and beach volleyball

In 2019 there were 315 ITF tournaments in different categories around the world.

In total in 2019 were played 15 tournaments higher categories ($15.000 and higher) which can be considered as professional tournaments of high level.

2 tournaments $50.000
3 tournaments $35.000
1 tournament $25.000
9 tournaments $15.000

The winner team receives 20% of a total tournament prize money (10% each player), finalists - 12%, semi-finalists - 5% and q-finalists - 2%.

So it means if you reach quarterfinal of the ITF15.000$ where compete 8 best teams in the world you get only 150 dollars.

The total amount of prize money of these high-level tournaments is $365.000 And total amount of prize money of the beach tennis tour (men and women) 2019 was $811.000

This means that $446.000 accounted for lower category tournaments, where even winning the tournament an athlete can only pay for the trip.

So we can say that the total budget of a professional beach tennis tour is 365.000$. Meanwhile, Australian 2021 open 4th round looser received 320.000$.

Let’s compare these numbers with padel and beach volleyball.

The total prize money amount of World Padel Tour 2019 was $3.27 million. This was split between 20 tournaments of men’s tour and 18 tournaments of women’s tour. Here we are talking exactly about professional high-level tournaments.

The total amount of prize money for the beach volleyball tour (men and women) 2017/2018 was $7.5 million. In total there were 44 tournaments in different categories. 17 of them had a prize money amount of 5.000$ per one gender. 16 tournaments had prize money 150.000$ and higher per one gender.

The biggest tournament was the World Championship in Hamburg with $500.000 per gender.