Who we are?

BEACHTENNIS.IO is a brand new web application, aiming to unite the beach tennis community by providing unique features that are crucial for the beach tennis lifestyle. It's a comprehensive website/system/platform (call it what you want) with many functionalities and - at the same time - easy to use. It's fast, simple and works perfectly on any type of device.

What do we offer?

For Players

By setting up an account a player creates a profile, which includes their tournament and match history, upcoming events, gallery, h2h and other statistics. Players can sign up for tournaments in just a few clicks and can manage their entries. It is also possible to look for a partner through the system.

For Organizers & Referees

Our system is a great tool for tournament management. All essential information about a tournament is available from single page. Entry lists, automatically generated acceptance lists, draws, order of play, match and tournament results, communication with players, gallery, getting feedback (reviews) from players, and much more.

For Bloggers

Beach tennis is about traveling and enjoying life. Become a blogger, post your articles and be read by all registered users and visitors. Your blog posts will be emailed automatically to all your subscribers.

For Federations & Business

Our platform is open to collaboration with countries or sports federations, or anyone else that would like to use the system's features in their own interest. Let's work together!


Our goal is to unite the beach tennis community regardless of nationality, location or age. We offer our services to international tournament organizers as well national ones. Pro (adults) / Junior Tour.


Calendar of ITF tournaments, player profiles, statistics...


Calendar of national tournaments, rankings, player profiles...

Junior Tour

Calendar of Junior Tour - divided into zones, rankings...


Calendar of all other categories of tournaments (e.g. "King")


BEACHTENNIS.IO provides a vast number of unique and simple-to-use features. Regardless the role you have in the beach tennis community, you will find something of interest to yourself.

Tournaments calendar

The system provides a tournament calendar for each of the sections mentioned above. In addition, you can consult a full calendar that includes absolutely all confirmed tournaments.

Tournament page

All information about a tournament is now visible on a single page. The system offers a large set of functionalities to cater for organizers' and players' needs.

Sign up for tournaments

Both registered users and guests can sign up for tournaments. Guests must fill out a standard form, however, users can sign up just in a few clicks. All options are covered: both players are registered users, neither is a registered user, or just one. If player(s) are not registered users, they will need to confirm an entry by email.


The entry procedure is divided into 3 different steps. Requests (visible for organizers and referees only) -> Entry list -> Acceptance list. It is possible to withdraw from a tournament. The entry and acceptance list can be downloaded as an automatically generated Excel file. Additionally, users have a full control of their entries.

Upload Draws

The current system does not provide the creation of dynamic draws yet. However, organizers and referees can simply upload their draws to our servers. Players will be able to download these in one click.

Dynamic Order of Player

A unique feature is the creation of a dynamic order of play. The referee adds a match, indicates a date, time, the number of the court - and then the match will automatically be added to the order of play. When the match finishes, the referee enters the score and the match result will be displayed automatically in the list and player profiles.

Partner Search

Registered users can use the partner search facility. It takes just a minute to fill out the form. After the form has been submitted, the partner search entry will be visible to all visitors of the page.

Communication & Gallery

Users can post comments and organizers can post announcements on the tournament pages. Users can contact the tournament organizer directly from the page. In addition, organizers and referees can publish the tournament program.


To get assigned an organizer or referee role, please sign up as a normal user first and then - in the account section - go to collaboration link and fill out the form.

If you are interested in a partnership, please fill out the contact form by selecting the topic 'Collaboration/Partnership'.


The system provides profile information to players, organizers and referees. If a user has been assigned more than one role, they can easily switch between roles.


A registered user can view their tournament history, upcoming events, results and h2h statistics. Additionally, a profile contains a gallery (all photos, in which the player has been tagged).


The organizer profile includes the organizer's tournament history and upcoming events. In addition, the organizer profile contains their history of reviews.


The referee profile includes their tournaments history and upcoming events, where they have been assigned as a referee.

BEACHTENNIS.IO Notification system

This feature simplifies the life of organizers and players alike. Organizers will no longer have to text every single player or write Facebook posts. The system will automatically notify users and players.


A player will be notified of any changes made to their entry (e.g. moved to acceptance list), if a match has been added for them, if they have been tagged in a photo...


An organizer will be notified when their tournament has been approved, when a new entry has been submitted or withdrawn, if a new comment has been posted on the tournament page...


Users with a federation account will be notified when a new national tournament has been submitted and requires approval, or when a new collaboration request has been submitted.

Our team

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